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Brook Henderson Group is a privately-owned organisation with a proven track record in the funding, operation and development of innovative businesses in the medical device and eco technology sectors.


About us:

Nurturing growth and potential

Discover Brook Henderson Group's business approach, our people and our corporate vision

Our approach:

Building value for innovators

Brook Henderson Group is a privately-owned holding company based in London. Through proprietary capital funding and hands-on management, the Group invests in and supports innovators, in cutting-edge areas such as medical science and eco technologies.

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Our team is driven by our passion for creating capital value, helping innovators reach their potential, and making a difference to our world. We are entrepreneurs who look for opportunities to support growing companies – particularly businesses that are based on powerful innovation, but may need support to reach their full market potential.

We use our proven experience and skills in finance, management, and business leadership to nurture innovative businesses and help them grow.

We are value-builders and hands-on investors, using our own funds to back and develop exciting ventures – for the mutual benefit of the innovators, the markets they serve, and ourselves. We enable great innovations and life-changing benefits to come to the commercial market.

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Our Directors:

Leading with expertise

Meet our leadership team of business growth experts

Pelham Olive

Chairman and Founder

Pelham founded Brook Henderson Group in 1995 with the aim of bringing a new approach to business for innovative businesses. Under his expert guidance, Brook Henderson Group has invested in a wide range of companies to help build their value and market success.

Mike Dix

Group Managing Director

Mike has extensive experience in business management and leadership. Prior to joining Brook Henderson Group in 2009, Mike spent 20 years at BNP Paribas Lease Group. He was CEO there for 16 years, growing the company to have £1.5bn assets and 350 employees.

Peter Lewin

Legal Director

Peter began his career as a solicitor with Apple, ICL and Baltic plc. He co-founded the Brook Henderson Group in 1995 and is responsible for all legal and company secretariat matters.

Our principles:

Acting responsibly and positively

At Brook Henderson Group, we take a responsible stance to business – in the nature of companies we invest in, our relationships with the innovators and entrepreneurs we partner, and in our role as a member of the wider community.

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Our partners

It can be difficult for entrepreneurs to find investors prepared to take a true partnership role in bringing innovations to market. At Brook Henderson Group we believe in the benefits of providing a knowledgeable, nurturing environment within which our partners can thrive, for our mutual benefit.

In a capital investment market that sometimes deserves its reputation for self-interest, our view is that loyalty, integrity and fairness will ultimately deliver a more sustainable and rewarding business model.

In the 20 years of our existence, we have worked with a wide range of high-calibre entrepreneurs to help develop their innovative businesses. In each case, substantial business growth and realisation of shareholder value has been successfully achieved.

To a burgeoning company, financial investment and good business planning are important – but we recognise that support, belief and trust from a strong backer can mean just as much. In a fast-changing world, we pride ourselves on having the dynamic flexibility to redefine goals and timelines when necessary – allowing each of our companies to target emerging and evolving business opportunities as they develop.

Corporate and social responsibility

We take the same approach in our efforts to support the community. For several years, we have been participating in an education initiative in Reading, Berkshire. VISION is a joint venture with Reading Borough Council, providing education for young people who, for various reasons have become disengaged with mainstream education.

The goal of the programme is to take a creative approach to helping young people who might otherwise be excluded from mainstream secondary education. They typically have learning disabilities, behavioural or home–based problems.

The students spend three days a week at the Learning Centre, studying a work-related curriculum. The remaining two days they spend on work placement in the community, in areas they choose themselves. For example, they might study motor mechanics, the building trade, hairdressing, or photography.

The results are impressive. Typically, school attendance rises from at best 70% in their previous schools to 95% in our programme. Many of these students have gone on to jobs, traineeships, and further education. VISION has helped them accomplish their goals.

Vocational training at Thames Valley University

The Brook Henderson Group is also supporting an initiative started in 2008 by the Reading Enterprise Gateway and Thames Valley University to help school leavers who do not normally qualify for standard college courses.

Following on from the work of VISION, the TVU course aims to provide young people aged 16 to 25 with practical training in areas such as kitchen fitting, plastering, tiling, carpentry and plumbing, along with essential work skills such as customer care. Around 30 young people are supported by the initiative each year, with funding from the Brook Henderson Group.

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Our companies:

A group of strength and innovation

Discover the companies in our group, and our previous success stories

Developing commercial applications for Desyncra, a new noninvasive medical treatment technology for brain-related disorders including Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, migraine and tinnitus

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Therapy for brain-related disorders

Desyncra Technologies is developing commercial applications for an innovative medical 'neuromodulation' technology designed for therapy of a range of brain-related disorders, including Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, migraine and tinnitus.

Desyncra is intended to counteract the abnormal neuronal synchronization that characterizes these disorders. It uses the unique patented 'Coordinated Reset' (CR®) algorithm to stimulate multiple brain areas in a mathematical sequence, in order to desynchronize or ‘reset’ the affected neurons back to a normal state.

Unlike other neuromodulation therapies, Desyncra can be delivered easily and noninvasively, using a range of sensory stimulation methods, including auditory, visual, and vibro-tactile. Desyncra is indicated to have clinically beneficial effects that may also be longer-lasting after each treatment than other forms of neuromodulation.

The science behind Desyncra has been developed at the renowned Jülich Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine in Germany by Professor Peter Tass and his research team. While the potential of the technology was clear, bringing commercially viable medical devices to market is a major challenge.

Recognising this, Professor Tass is now working alongside Brook Henderson Group to build the Desyncra Technologies business. Our team has nurtured the project and developed relationships with academic and commercial partners in the USA, where Desyncra is in the process of being developed into viable product-based therapies.

Desyncra has the potential to redefine the fast-growing field of medical neuromodulation – and bring relief to hundreds of millions of sufferers of these brain-related disorders worldwide.

Visit the Desyncra Technologies website
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Developing and distributing an innovative new bloodline for haemodialysis.

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Improving anaemia therapy

Oxyless are proud to have developed a novel bloodline that reduces blood-air contact by 99.1%. This may provide an alternative strategy in managing renal anaemia.

Clinical use of the Oxyless bloodline in Europe has shown that it leads to a reduction in the need for Erythropoiesis Stimulating Agents (ESAs) that are routinely used in haemodialysis procedures worldwide. This could have significant financial benefits for healthcare providers.

Brook Henderson Group provided its proven blend of financial, management and marketing capabilities to maximise the value of this important medical breakthrough.

Oxyless is building close working relationships with nephrologists worldwide to highlight the strengths of the product, so that many more dialysis patients can experience the benefits.

For enquiries about Oxyless, contact:

Visit the Oxyless website
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Enabling hospitals, schools and other organizations to derive long term cost reductions through best-practice application of energy saving technology

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Saving energy, reducing costs

Cynergin delivers guaranteed, step-change reductions in energy-consumption to large consumers, such as hospitals, universities, local authorities, museums and market gardeners.

Cynergin works with clients to reduce their energy demand through more efficient practices and green technology. The company's consultants also have considerable experience in reducing other estate-related costs, such as by implementing low-maintenance equipment and supporting staff to improve working practices.

Alongside this, Cynergin helps organisations source their energy supply in the most cost-effective and carbon-efficient way. This may include combined heat-and-power (CHP) plants, renewable energy (including solar and biomass) and heat pumps.

Cynergin provides technical and commercial expertise to support clients in developing strategy or delivering projects. It can also operate as prime contractor for guaranteed energy-infrastructure enhancements.

Cynergin prides itself on its strong engineering pedigree. It provides innovative solutions that optimise money, energy and carbon, in accordance with clients' priorities.

For enquiries about Cynergin, contact:

Visit the Cynergin website
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See some of the other companies that Brook Henderson Group has previously grown to market success

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Businesses built for success

Here is just a selection of the other companies that Brook Henderson Group has previously grown to market success...


Asteral is the UK’s leading vendor-independent provider of managed equipment and managed maintenance services to the NHS. It combines clinical expertise, technical excellence and commercial understanding to transform the way medical facilities are planned, managed and maintained.

Brook Henderson Group successfully built the Asteral business to market leadership (with over £150m of assets under management) in the demanding environment of acute and teaching hospitals, consistently delivering to a demanding specification while delivering savings to NHS Trust customers. The Asteral business was sold in 2014 to Pantheon Holdco, a company owned by private equity house Permira.

The Tinnitus Clinic

The Tinnitus Clinic is an adult audiology rehabilitation service with clinics across the UK. It is an independent audiological practice specialising in treatment and management of tinnitus and hyperacusis.

Brook Henderson Group nurtured the success of The Tinnitus Clinic as the sole UK provider of the innovative acoustic CR neuromodulation therapy, and the only private tinnitus service to be recognised by the Care Quality Commission. The successful sale of The Tinnitus Clinic business to its management team via an MBO was completed in 2014.

Asset Advantage Group

Asset Advantage is an independent, privately-owned, asset finance business. It specialises in providing lease-based funding of a wide range of equipment for small and medium sized businesses throughout the UK. With a track record and reputation to match, the highly experienced team delivers millions of pounds of business-friendly finance products.

Before Brook Henderson assumed control in 1995, Asset Advantage had been a loss-making subsidiary of a privatised utility. After building the business to leadership in its market sector, in 2010 the Asset Advantage business was sold and is now privately-owned, with Brook Henderson Group retaining a 25% share.


Software company ADSL provides specialist IT solutions to public safety organisations including the UK Fire Service. Brook Henderson acquired the business as the unprofitable arm of a major corporate services company and successfully grew the business to annual profits of £2 million and turnover of £5 million.

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